A regular eye examination is crucial for the health of the eyes, and it helps in the early detection of any disease. Some diseases are not identified at once as they take time to show the symptoms. Eye examination and testing can help you keep the critical conditions at bay by early detection of any eye disease. We also help you with vision correction if that is required. From providing a contact lens prescription to conducting urgent surgeries, Eye Care Associates of Plantation is your trusted eye exam plantation in Florida.


An eye is one of the most crucial organs of the human body. Eye testing is essential, especially when you are above 40 years because your eye doctor can help you to keep your eyes safe. If there is any eye disease appearing, like Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy, early detection of the disease will help you to recover from it.

Contact Lens Prescription

If you are planning to switch to contact lenses, you’ll need an examination and professional prescription to identify the right power of lenses. Your eye specialist will recommend the correct measurement at which your Rx is final. An accurate and precise measurement is required to get the right lenses for your eyes. Don’t forget to get a consultation from eye testing plantation.

Eyeglasses Prescription

Whether you are wearing your glasses for the first time or experiencing a shift in your eyesight, you need to have a professional prescription from a trusted eye specialist. Never compromise with the treatment of your eyes as a small failure can lead to many problems.


Why Choose Eye Care Associates of Plantation for Eye Examination in Florida?

Eyecare Associates of Plantation provides you professional services and facilities and helps in correcting your vision. We are one of the leading eye care practices in Florida that helps you in the detailed eye examination. We provide you the accurate results and treatment for improving your vision. Get the prescriptions for your eyeglasses or contact lenses from the qualified eye exam plantation in Florida. We evaluate all the components and help you maintain your eye health.
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    What tests are done during an eye exam?

    During every visit, one can expect their optometrist to perform the following tests to determine one’s eye health:

    • Pre-Exam Tests. …
    • Pupillary Reactions. …
    • Slit Lamp Test. …
    • Visual Acuity and Refraction. …
    • Pupil Dilation.

    How are eyes tested?

    You’ll be asked to give information about your clinical history and any vision issues you may be encountering. Your eye specialist measures your visual acuity to check whether you need glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision. You’ll be given a numbing drop in your eyes. And after that, your eye pressure is measured.

    How long does a full eye exam take?

    The eye examination usually takes around 20 – 30 minutes. During the examination, the optometrist will: ask you about: your general health